Protecting and Defending OUR Conservative Values

I believe in protecting the lives of the unborn as well as the lives of our senior citizens and those at the end of their life. As a Paramedic, I have seen too many times our older generation being neglected. I am an avid supporter of the 2nd Amendment and enjoy time on the range from time-to-time myself. I support religious freedom and the rights of the people to worship freely as they choose. I support the rights to free speech and will ensure that conservatives are given just as big a megaphone as the liberals on our colleges and universities.

Growing our Economy, Keeping OUR Taxes Low & Being Fiscally Responsible

I believe that North Carolina should be a land of opportunity where everyone can reach their God given potential. This is best realized by advocating for entrepreneurship, supporting small business, and reducing regulatory and tax burdens. While North Carolina boasts some of the most attractive and growth ready population centers in the United States, we must continue our recent strides to improve economic opportunity. A focus on achieving business friendly legislation coupled with investment in education and infrastructure will result in a healthy, vibrant, and growing North Carolina.

Ensuring ALL Students Have the Opportunity to Receive a Quality Education

I believe that all students should receive a quality education. I believe that school choice is an option for some; but, I believe that the public school system is a choice and we should ensure its success. I want NC Public Schools to be the beacon of hope to whom other states look. I want to ensure our students and their education are put above all else and that parents, who know their children’s needs the most, are empowered and involved in their education. Rep Johnson, my boss, was responsible for supporting  increased funding for our classrooms and helped pass reforms that put our students first by reducing class sizes, expanding school choice, modernizing our schools and prioritizing early education. She also supported five consecutive years of pay raises for our teachers, which has resulted in the average teacher salary surpassing $50,000 a year for the first time ever. My daughter is a public school teacher and my wife is a professor at UNCC. I have a vested interest in their success!

Keeping OUR Families and OUR Neighborhoods Safe

I support the Sheriffs that support the 287G program. I believe that if a person is in the country illegally and commits a crime, we must ensure that they are removed upon the order of a judge before they have the opportunity to commit a crime again. Too often we hear the story of someone being arrested, released, and committing another crime again even though there was an ICE detainer associated with the illegal immigrant.

I have served for many years as a volunteer firefighter and paramedic, and, in that capacity, I have worked closely with local law enforcement. I understand the challenges our police, fire, and EMS face and believe we should support our law enforcement. We must provide them the support and resources they need to keep us safe. I will advocate for better medical and retirement benefits for these public servants. We are just learning of some of the long-term health risks associated with these jobs. They are always there for us and we must be there for them.

Securing OUR elections by Requiring Voter ID

I support common sense reform to North Carolina's election laws. It is my belief, and always has been my belief, that registered voters should vote in elections, that their vote be counted once, and that those votes cumulatively determine the outcome of our elections. While I support changes which increase participation in elections, I also support reforms such as Voter ID which ensure the integrity of our elections system.

Being a Strong Voice for the Citizens, Towns, and Small Business of Cabarrus County

My boss, Rep Linda Johnson, has been a tremendous advocate for Cabarrus County. When Cannon Mills closed, she was on the front lines to help secure future activity in what is now the Research Park in Kannapolis. We must continue to grow the research park. As new businesses come to town, we must encourage our community college system to provide technical job training programs to get the right workers to the right companies at the right time. This issue of job ready applicants is a huge issue and we as legislators must due what we can to ensure we are providing a job ready workforce to these new companies coming to town. I will advocate to keep taxes low and for the reduction and eventual elimination of the Franchise tax that creates an onerous burden on our small and mid size businesses.

Being an advocate for our Veterans and the Military

I am a US NAVY Veteran having served during the post Gulf War I period in the submarine service. Yes I am a squid! Now, I have a great appreciation for the men and women who serve in uniform and I will always work to ensure they have the support and resources they need to be successful in North Carolina. I understand the rich heritage of our military in North Carolina and will actively fight to protect our military bases. North Carolina is called the most military friendly state in America for a reason and it is because we have led the way when it comes to supporting our military families and the installations they serve on. That’s why I will continue fighting for our active duty military, their families and the countless veterans who call North Carolina home to ensure they get the care and attention that they have earned and deserve.